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Spottedmap enables you to reconnect with people you meet randomly in everyday life, by helping to build communities among users who hang out at the same places. The idea was conceived with the intuition that social networks can allow users to meet new people online and to connect with friends and acquaintances. Nevertheless, they cannot help the user to get in touch with people they meet randomly or by chance in real life. The Spottedmap experience is designed to be anonymous, simple, and imitates real life through a digitally reproduced map that is socialized and made mobile.


Be our first user! Spottedmap is still in beta testing. Joining today, you can follow the development and the improvement of a brand new app. See you on Spottedmap!




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a spin-off University of Lugano (USI)

Abdul Wahed and Nicola, two USI students with previous experience establishing start-ups and a drive for entrepreneurship, founded Spottedmap in 2013. The business idea of Spottedmap was assessed by USI and Start-up Promotion Center as innovative and forward-looking.


  • Università della Svizzera italiana

    New partnership with USI! 1 June 2014

    We are happy to announce a new partnership with USI ( Universita’ della Svizzera Italiana). This collaboration, supported by a grant from CTI (The Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI), allows us to bring on board six talented people - most of them informatics students at USI. We will work together for 18 months, to make Spottedmap a scalable, stable and feature-complete application. Stay tuned!

  • Swiss Engineering Award 2014

    Swiss Engineering Ticino Award 2014 1 March 2014

    We are proud to announce that Spottedmap the focus of our CEO’s Bachelor thesis has been awarded by Swiss Engineering Ticino as the best thesis. For more details, please check the link

  • Cp-startup incubation

    Incubation Phase 3 July 2013

    We are happy to announce that the presentation of our project to the committee of experts of CP-Startup was successful. The Board confirmed full support to the project and proceeded with the incubation of our startup! For more details please check the link

The Bros

The Bros! Met at USI Lugano, hailing from 8 different countries, we speak 10 languages, and all have an interesting story to tell. Bridging Informatics, Management and Communication our young dynamic team is always learning and growing…

Abdul Wahed Mehran

Abdul Wahed Mehran

CEO / Co-Founder

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Vasileios Triglianos


CTO / Web Architect

Mattia Candeloro

Mattia Candeloro


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Daniele Gili

Daniele Gili

Web Developer

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Igor Moreno Santos

Igor Moreno Santos


Daniele Galiotto

Daniele Galiotto

iOS Developer

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We’re looking for a User Experience Designer, for both Web and Mobile devices, who possesses a passion for great design, a superb aesthetic sense. Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery.


Web & Mobile UX Designer

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  • Former collaborators & Alumni

    Thanks to the following people who have contributed to development of the project with great ideas, genuine interest and devoted time & effort.

    Claudia Borio Crosio (UI/UX Designer), Andrea Ciani (Junior iOS Dev), Rohit Chandra-Mouli (Copywrite & Social Intern), Diego De Nicola(CSO & Business Dev), Aryan Eftekhari (CFO & Data Analyst), Karin Kamler (Digital Communications Intern), Giuseppe Mendola (iOS Dev), Giovanni Occhiuzzi (Graphic designer), Gökçe Seymen(Product Manager), Nicola Terrenghi (Co-Founder), Vitor Vannuchi(Tester and Quality assurance)


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